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Open Horse Show

SUNDAY JUNE 9, 2024 - 10:00AM

Chairperson: Helen Burgomaster    1-705-875-0518
Committee Ashley McNevan, Louise Dobbin
Entries to be submitted at by Saturday June 8th @ Noon


All exhibitors pay entry to Fairgrounds at gate plus fair board membership fee $5 at registration. 
All Riders must have Liability Insurance:  Home or OEF proof required on day of show.
Admission Fees at gate: $15 - Adult,  $10 - 11yrs-18yrs,  10 and under free. 
Entry Fees per class:  Open - $10,  Youth 18 & under - $5, Junior 12 & under - $5.

Open Horse Show

1. Open Halter
2. Adult Showmanship 
3. Youth showmanship
4. Open Showmanship


Tack Change

5. Lead Line 3-6 years as of Jan 1st, 2024
6. Walk Trot Under 13 as of Jan 1st, 2024 - note participation in walk trot eliminates participation in further under saddle junior classes.

Tack Change

7. Adult English Pleasure
8. Youth English Pleasure
9. Open English Pleasure
10. Adult English Equitation
11. Youth English Equitation
12. Hunter Hack

Tack Change

13. Adult Western Pleasure
14. Youth Western Pleasure 
15. Open Western Pleasure
16. Adult Horsemanship
17. Youth Horsemanship
18. Command

Tack Change

19. Adult Barrel Race
20. Youth Barrel Race
21. Lead Line Barrels***
22. Adult Pole Bending
22. Youth Pole Bending
23. Walk Trot Pole Bending***

23. Adult Keyhole

24. Youth Keyhole

Note: Class 5 Leadline and Class  21 Lead Line Barrels only open to exhibitors 7 years of age and under, ineligible to compete in any other riding classes. 

Class 13 Walk Trot 13 and under and Class 23 Walk Trot Pole Bending are only open to those exhibitors 13 and under that are not confident to ride at the canter and participate in other youth classes under saddle as a result those are the only 2 classes walk trot competitors can enter!

Prize Money Fair Events:  Open $25, 20,15,10  Youth/Junior  $20,15,10, 5

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